Turkey Burger Sliders with Mango Salsa and Sweet Potato Fries

My current obsessions include:

being at the beach nearly every day,

Adele’s new music,

our puppy’s little butt wiggle when he’s excited. It’s like he can’t contain his tail,


Mango salsa. I love all of its flavor combinations and definitely the color. 

When deciding what to make last night, I knew two things: I wanted sweet potato fries and I wanted mango salsa. I usually always do a mango salsa to go with fish tacos, but sweet potato fries don’t really go with fish tacos. I went into the store really with no idea of what I wanted to do besides those two things. I started to collect the ingredients for those when I came across King’s Hawaiian Sweet Bread in the perfect slider size! What an idea- turkey burger sliders with mango salsa and sweet potato fries- and there, standing by the buns, a dinner idea was born.

Unless I have recipe, I nearly never use any measuring tools, and even with a recipe, I rarely measure, so it’s quite hard for me to say how much of each ingredient to use. I think how much of each ingredient really depends on people’s preferences, especially when it comes to spices. It also depends on how many you are cooking for. Last night I cooked for 2. We each had 4 mango salsa sliders with a side of fries. Here’s the recipe minus the ingredient quantities.

If you’re making the sweet potato fries, start them first because they take the longest.

Sweet Potato Fries

Preheat oven to 450 degrees




Crushed Red Pepper



Vegetable Oil to coat

Gallon size ziploc bag


1- Cut the yam into fry shapes

2- Once cut, put them in the ziploc bag, add the spices, add the vegetable oil to coat and shake vigorously until well coated. Put them on a pan and pop in the oven. Don’t trip over puppy who always wants to hang out in the kitchen while you cook so he can clean up what falls down:)

3- Bake for about 40 mins, possibly longer depending on how dark you want them. Mix them about every 10 mins. If you see that they are drying out, add some more vegetable oil.

4- While the fries bake, start the mango salsa and the sliders.

Mango Salsa- The amount of salsa you make will depend on the number of sliders you are making. Estimate about 1 tsp of salsa per slider.




Red Pepper

Green Onion




1- Chop all ingredients and combine in a bowl. Sprinkle lime juice on top.

2- That’s all- you’re done. Refrigerate until ready to use.

Turkey Burger Sliders


1- Ground turkey

2- King’s Hawaiian Sweet Bread


1- Form the ground turkey into slider size patties. Make sure they are small and flat, so they don’t turn into little meatballs instead.

2- Put about 2 tbs of vegetable oil in a non stick skillet and heat over medium high heat. Add the sliders and let the first side brown, flip the slider, and let the other side brown. Reduce the heat and cook through.

3-  While sliders cook, cut the rolls in half and then cut some of the extra dough off the rolls to make them a little smaller.

4- Put mango salsa on the bottom of the bun and the slider on top so the mango salsa stays on.

5- Serve and enjoy

And to drink we had:

Magic Hat Wacko Ale. It’s a crisp beer that pairs perfectly with a summer time type dish. It’s not that hoppy, which is good for me. People think Coors is the summer beer, but I think Magic Hat Wacko is much better.


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