Gonnent Cotes du Rhone Red

One of the most important parts of a wine, especially a French one, is the label. The wines of France are notorious for not telling the drinker what he or she is specifically drinking. They will tell you the region and classification, though, and then expect you to demystify your selection from there.

The 2007 Gonnent Cotes du Rhone is a blend of Grenache, Syrah, and Cinsault grapes, all estate-grown in the Rhone region of Southern France. Cotes du Rhone, as a classification, is the lowest of four for the Rhone region, and are all mainly based on the Grenache grape, and typically use Syrah and Mourvedre blended in to fill out the gaps and make these wines a great gateway into French wine enjoyment.

For the 2007 vintage by Gonnet, Cinsault was used to add softness and richness to the wine’s aroma, which is full of plump raspberry and cherry fragrances. The fruit in the body is supple, with almost jammy cherry and plum flavors that mingle across the palate. There is a slight minty edge that frames the fruit before it gets too wild, letting the flavors linger gracefully, like party guests who know when it is time to leave.

The Gonnent Cotes du Rhone is a surprisingly elegant, fun red wine that displays the best of what a French wine can offer, especially to novice wine drinkers and burgeoning Francophiles. Complete the French experience by pairing the wine with French Onion Soup.