Harpoon Chocolate Stout

When I was a kid making chocolate milk, sometimes I’d go a little heavy on the syrup. Like a solid layer of syrup stuck to the bottom of the glass kind of heavy.

Harpoon’s limited edition Chocolate Stout is that kind of heavy too. We’re talking pure chocolate smell, taste, finish, everything. I’ve already mentally prepared myself to make it my new #1 dessert beer.

I enjoyed this on tap, and it’s available until January in six packs and Harpoon’s mixed 12 packs. The chocolate stout poured out rich and creamy, with a fine frothy head that exuded chocolate scents.

The aromas matched the chocolate flavors exactly. This beer is smooth, with a fair balance of chocolaty sweetness and bitterness. It’s a tango between cocoa nibs and coffee really.

After the rich chocolate syrup flavors, there is a pleasant little toasted edge that lingers in the finish.

Harpoon Chocolate Stout is a great chocolate lover’s beer, with full chocolate that is enough without being too much. Full-flavored, with a medium body that doesn’t weight itself down.

This is a perfect nightcap beer. I’m leaving one of these out with some cookies for Santa on Christmas Eve. (Can you say new flat screen TV? I think this beer can seal the deal!)