Sixpoint Autumnation

Autumn is upon us once again.

The leaves are crunchy, raining down in their reds and oranges. Each night is crisp and clear, offering up a sprinkling of sparkling stars. Under both the leaves and sky, the masses of hooded sweatshirt wearing beer enthusiasts have survived the swell of Oktoberfest, and are saving the last few bottles of pumpkin beer for Thanksgiving.

The more seasoned drinkers also recognize this as the harvest time, which is a time for fresh ingredients (particularly hops).

Brooklyn’s Sixpoint Brewery pays homage to the duality of the fall with Autumnation, a beer that at once offers condolences for the passing of nature’s bounty, while still reaping its abundance.Sixpoint Autumnations

Autumnation is a wet hop brewed beer that is accented by seasonal favorites like pumpkin and spice. The fresh hops offer a floral bitterness that is light and crisp while still being assertive.

It is quite refreshing, with the hoppy flavors seamlessly mingling with, and then succumbing to, the accenting spice and pumpkin notes.

Autumnation’s flavors cycle like the temperatures of October afternoons:  a pleasant crispness that grows more substantial, and is then released by a new day.

Autumnation is available now for a limited time. Don’t be afraid by the packaging – good beer does indeed come in cans!