Wolf Blass Yellow Label Riesling

One of the most exciting/frustrating times of year for the foodie is just about to start – the holiday season. It is again time to frantically make arrangements, set tables, make centerpieces or tablescapes, and to create balanced and well-paired menus.

Let’s assume that everything goes off without a hitch. How do you pair a wine with turkey, turducken, ham, cranberry sauce, sweet potatoes, and pumpkin pie?

You pick a wine that can spread itself out like a shotgun blast. You’re bound to hit something.

Enter Wolf Blass Yellow Label Riesling.

This Riesling is light and fresh, with lots of apple and pear flavors that can roll right over that big turkey. Little bits of sweetness with the lemon and lime accents match up with the glazed ham across the table. The finish has enough snap to clear your palate of stuffing, and to make room for dessert.

Another great feature that is worth mentioning is that Wolf Blass’ Yellow Label line is affordable. Pick up a few, and seize the opportunity to catch up on all the good gossip that your aunt from Virginia seems to know!