about the contributors

This is me getting ready to go in the water.

I’m Kim. I named this blog “the 365 cook” because I cook nearly every single day. Some days we have leftovers, but mostly it’s something new every night. I love to cook most everything from scratch. You’ll rarely see anything boxed come out of my kitchen. I especially love to cook Italian food. I got Marcella Hazan’s Essentials of Classic Italian Cooking for free when we bought our new All Clad cookware and I’m slowly working on cooking my way through the book one recipe at a time. Apart from cooking, I love the beach and I love to ride my bike on the boardwalk outside our house. I also like to surf and go for hikes and I like to spend time with our puppy, Dexter.

This is baby Dexter

All of this takes place in the great city of New York in the borough of Queens.

Steve is a full-time beer manager, part-time writer, and quarter-time dogsitter. The other half of his time is left for adventuring, eating at food trucks, and naps. He is also terrible at math.

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